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Matteo Cibic


A Vanguard of Whimsical Design

We present the enigmatic world of Matteo Cibic, an artist renowned for his audacious exploration of form, function, and fantasy. Cibic, with his Italian heritage and global perspective, stands at the forefront of contemporary design, seamlessly blending art with functionality.

Matteo's work is a testament to his boundless creativity and meticulous craftsmanship. Known for his playful approach to design, he delves into the realms of the surreal, creating pieces that are both thought-provoking and deeply engaging. His signature style, characterized by anthropomorphic shapes and vibrant narratives, invites viewers into a whimsical universe where each piece tells its own unique story.

Through a diverse repertoire that spans from avant-garde furniture to whimsical home accessories, Matteo Cibic challenges the conventional boundaries of design. His use of high-quality materials, combined with cutting-edge production techniques, results in creations that are not only visually stunning but also embody a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

At our digital concept store, we are proud to showcase "The Hunt," a collection that exemplifies Matteo's innovative spirit. Inspired by the timeless tale of Amore and Psyche, this series features intricate designs and complex narratives, highlighting his ability to fuse classical themes with contemporary aesthetics.

Join us in celebrating the genius of Matteo Cibic, a visionary artist whose works not only adorn spaces but also enrich the human experience, making him a true icon in the world of luxury design.

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