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"We believe that design can be the protagonist of a deep change, both on a cultural and economic level "


We believe that design can be the protagonist of a deep change, both on a cultural and economic level. Therefore we highlight what we embrace from Akireh:


We are an all-female enterprise. Akireh's journey began when its founder, Erika Betti, wanted to develop a brand that would counteract the overly masculine status quo of the design industry and  instead, created a virtual space that celebrates the personality of people from all over the world who wish to express their natural selves in every space at home.


Home is where we always want to return. Our memories and our being are impregnated in every corner, and therefore we consider home decor items to be the best tool to add our personal touch.

Our aim is to make the idea of selling and buying Home Decor pieces a natural one, especially on those occasions where it seems unthinkable.


For us, extending the life cycle of one's own Home Decor item does not only mean making a profit from their sale or seeing the purchase as a form of investment, but developing a model of thinking aimed at sustainability and circular economy.

BUY, SELL & REPEAT is making design multifunctional and our innovative way to reduce the impact of home decor items.


Creating homes decorated with objects that travel from home to home was an inconceivable idea for the luxury market and now, it is a reality. Being responsible for our purchases has never been so easy. We are the virtual showcase of objects that have already been loved but cared for that have a love story or family heritage.

Akireh gives customers personalized shopping experiences, not just objects. Life is not about acquiring possessions but about collecting experiences. All of you, whether you buy or sell with us, play an important role in reducing the impact of luxury goods in the environment.

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