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AKR Sustainable

"75 % of the million pieces of home decor produced each year will end up in landfills."

4th PLATE 2021 Virtual Conference Limerick

Akiréh was born in 2020, an extremely delicate historical moment, and the concept of adaptability to change is deep in its DNA. 

Lately sustainability has become a central value for companies and customers. Many companies have questioned the need to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain, meeting the needs of the planet and its inhabitants.
The debate around this issue continues and involves many sectors, including the design industry. We at Akiréh are convinced that the future of design is circular and sustainable. For this reason we feel the need to involve our community in this path of awareness and responsibility, each of us can be a protagonist of change.


Empowerment femminile

Our startup is made up of competent and close-knit women, united in the goal of creating a winning and unique reality in the design sector.


For us, resale plays an important role, the possibility of avoiding production processes that require the use of materials that can damage the environment. Giving objects a second life can be a good solution to this problem.

Luxury craftmanship

Our aim is to reduce environmental impact by extending the life cycle of objects.We see the quality and materials used in design objects as a strength to be enhanced.

Recycling & Upcycling

Impulse purchases will be replaced by the choice of carefully selected items; users will return to buy classic, impeccably crafted pieces that will stand the test of time and prove to be smart investments for the future.

Our mission is to convince people to make sustainable choices when it comes to decorating their houses.


Choose second hand products to relove and say no to fast design! It's a mindful choice that increases home decor items life cycle and reduces waste.

AKR Sustainable Buy less but quality

"Think Circular, Think Good, Think Akiréh.
Do good to your home,
Do good to your wallet, Do good to your Planet."


Making a difference for us means promoting an idea of sustainable luxury, considering the role of design from a different perspective, focusing on quality, durability and the intrinsic value of a good that has a story to tell. 

As part of the circular economy, Akiréh offers a solution: extend home decor objects' lifecycle creating an online boutique, giving the right value to timeless products. We believe that the sale of second-loved luxury items can pave the way for a circular and better future for the world of design.




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