As they say, “what goes around comes around”.

Vintage furniture is back in fashion: the basements start to empty, flea markets are full of people looking
for design pieces, and those old tea sets from your grandmother are popular again.

But vintage furnishing is not just a trend, it is a movement intended to always evolve and enrich with the passing of time. Vintage pieces of design are often considered as out of time, but rather they are objects of the time, permeated with stories and meanings.

Time here is the key concept. Opposite to the fast design creation process, a significant amount of time has been spent by designers to conceive and realise these particular pieces. Time is needed to research precious and refined materials, such as Murano glass; time is essential to hand-paint fine porcelain creations; time is what makes the difference when expert craftsmen blow crystal glasses, or when the wise hands of an Artisan combines the cotton fiber with the bamboo ones to make a unique rug.

All these objects tell a story of their own time: they’ve sometimes anticipated trends, other times they’ve responded to new needs, or they were able to introduce new habits in people’s life.

So why should you choose to furnish your home in a vintage style?

  1. Because if those objects have a story to tell, so do you! When your friends will ask you “Where did you get that beautiful lamp from?”, you won’t just say the name of a famous furniture chain, you will tell them about the previous owner, how it was an innovation for its times, and how you were able to find it, thanks to your research skills (or your luck) on a new online boutique.

  2. You will be the only one to have it! The great advantage is that these design pieces are difficult to be found, making them coveted and highly valuable.

  3. Give your home a personal touch. It is not necessary to have a fully vintage home: just a few pieces of vintage furniture mixed with a modern style will add a personal value to your house.

  4. We choose vintage style especially for the quality of elements. Products were made with high quality materials and they were assembled by expert hands, allowing them to survive until our days. This is why we, at Ardèvot, don’t like to talk about second-hand furniture, but rather about products to re-love: second-love.

  5. Last but not least, buying a vintage piece rather than buying a new one means to extend its life cycle. Its quality, in fact, ensures its durability over time, making it possible to acquire new stories and new meaning day after day, use afte use. Moreover, this allows to safeguard our planet and be part of the change, making design sustainable.

#relove: re-love something that still has value but now lies unused. It still has emotions to generate.