Akireh flies to Paris for the annual appointment with Maison et Objet 

Our journey through the fair was guided by the very nature of our reality, linked to the world of design and home decor. Our choice was oriented towards three, among the seven Halls present: the third - Cook & Share, the fourth - Home Accessories and the fifth - Fragrances, Home Linen, Unique & Eclectic.
In this article, we tell you about Maison et Objet from our perspective. The fair brings together the excellence of design and promising brands of home decor, within a dynamic and stimulating space. Many stands present during this edition, new interesting discoveries and a full program of talks that investigate new trends in the industry and much more. 

Are you ready to discover some of the brands that impressed us the most? In this article we want to share eight brands that we selected during the fair and deepened for you.

Maison et Objet


Borgo Delle Tovaglie, Bologna - Italy
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The first brand we want to tell you about is Borgo Delle Tovaglie, renowned for its history and tradition. At Maison et Objet, it set up a stand with attention to every detail, highlighting linen fabrics and tableware in original and colorful combinations. The combination of tradition and modernity is an aspect that is always present in the work of the Bologna-based company, and is evident on this occasion as well.

Table Borgo delle Tovaglie

During our stay at the stand, we discovered some interesting curiosities about the brand, such as the Italian Bistrot in Paris. The Bistrot Borgo is located in the concept store in the XI arrondissement, one of the most elegant areas of the city. Inside you can find all of Borgo Delle Tovaglie's products, made strictly to measure for the space, while the culinary side is tied to Italian tradition. 

table place


Baron Venus, Istanbul - Turchia
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Il settore dedicato a Cook & Share ci ha riservato diverse sorprese, tra cui Baron Venus, il cui stand non passava di certo inosservato. Un’esplosione di rosa, filo conduttore che si può notare anche sul loro profilo Instagram e una tavola riccamente decorata, con prodotti particolari, rigorosamente pensati per i bambini. La frase Not for adults è molto esplicativa, no?  

Baron Venus è stato fondato a Istanbul, in concomitanza con la nascita di Baron il primo figlio della fondatrice. Il bisogno di trovare prodotti per il figlio che incontrassero determinate esigenze ha portato la founder a creare il brand, per realizzare una linea secondo i suoi gusti. L’identità di Baron Venus inizia a svilupparsi ulteriormente nel momento in cui il mondo della tavola diventa il centro della ricerca. è in questo momento che la produzione del brand si orienta verso gli oggetti per la tavola: posate, piatti, bicchieri e bavaglini. La loro missione è rendere il mondo con i bambini più vivido, significativo e bello. 

Baron Venus


Herdmar, Guimarães - Portugal
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The world of tableware did not disappoint us, in fact Herdmar, a company that has been in business for more than 100 years, welcomed us with a stand full of collections, cutlery and tableware that may well be considered works of art. They define their products as fashionable objects for the table, with a refined and modern design. The entire production process takes place in Caldas das Taipas, Guimarães (northern Portugal), that's where ideas are developed and creativity meets innovation. 

What attracts attention is the design of the cutlery, which is very different from each other, some worked in the smallest details, with complex inlays, others with minimal lines and extremely pleasant to the touch. Herdmar brings to Maison et Objet the result of its know-how developed during its long tradition. 

Cutlery Herdmar


Zieher Selection, Himmelkron - Germany
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The collections presented by Zieher Selection at Maison et Objet caught the eye of many visitors, including us. Johannes Macht, Sales Manager Retail of the company told us about the history and the idea behind each product. The design and the high quality of the products can be perceived in the attention to detail and in the refinement of the shapes. It is no coincidence that Zieher Selection has been appreciated for more than 30 years in the luxury hotel sector and in the world of haute cuisine.  During our visit to the booth, we were told about the VISION series of wine glasses, launched in 2015, designed for wine lovers. Each glass can be used both for red wine and white wine, this peculiarity is because of the very nature of the glass, thought as a decanter, where aged wine can be tasted in the best way. The name of the glasses allow to understand the theme and the character, therefore their function: FRESH, STRAIGHT, INTENSE, BALANCED, RICH, NOSTALGIC and SIDE.


Zieher Selection. Maison et Objet.


Botanika Marrakech, Marrakech - Morocco
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The area of Maison d'Objet dedicated to fragrances was a pleasant and continuous discovery, and it was in the fourth Hall that we met the guys from Botanika Marrakech. The scent of the diffusers welcomed us even before we saw the stand, in fact each fragrance created by the brand is inspired by the most famous places in Marrakech. There are numerous fragrances designed for the home, we discovered them thanks to the kind assistance of El Himar Hicham, brand manager of Botanika Marrakech. Each diffuser is available in different sizes and contains unconventional fragrances that transport you to unknown places or bring out forgotten memories. The special feature of the 8 product ranges is the combination of argan oil, concentrated in vitamin E, and argan leaf extract. This combination makes Botanika Marrakech's products unique.

Diffuser Botanika Marrakech


Senteurs De Lune, Istanbul - Turkey
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Every candle has a story to tell, like those made by Senteurs de Lune, a Turkish brand that produces candles inspired by beauty, creativity and art. The brand was founded by Cemre Yıldırım Scheepers, a young entrepreneur who thought of creating candles in line with her needs. Some of the key elements on which she focused are: the quality of the wax, the way the scent spreads in the environment and to the container. The aesthetics of the candles do not go unnoticed, each piece is handmade and has unique characteristics. One of Senteurs De Lune's goals is to involve artists who are different in style and background to create pieces that are rich in detail and handcrafted. Even the amount of wax in the ceramic containers is designed to last and leave the owner with an elegant decorative element. 

Candle Senteurs de lune


Yuri Himuro, Japan
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Yuri Himuro

As every year Maison et Objet develops the Raising Talents project, an important appointment that decrees the new young talents of the respective countries, this year Japan was chosen. Among the several young designers exhibited, Yuri Himuro has particularly impressed us, with her colorful and creative art panels. The Japanese designer studied textile design first in Japan and then in Finland, developing a distinctive artistic sensibility. Her works are conceived as a communication tool and a way to actively involve people. A concrete example is given by the SNIP SNAP collection, present at the fair, which allows people to act directly on the canvas, cutting some of its parts. In such a way as to discover the patterns hidden inside. 

Yuri Himuro


Stackelbergs, Stockholm - Sweden
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Stackelbergs is a Swedish brand that produces the highest quality fabrics. After touching their super soft fabrics, we couldn't help but include them in Maison et Objet's list of favorites.  Another fundamental aspect that distinguishes Stackelbergs is a careful look at the environmental impact of their choices and the desire to create products that respect it. 

The wool is the material used for the realization of their fabrics, among the qualities that make it the first choice, we find its being thermoregulating, heat insulating and antiseptic. Stackelbergs rugs are mainly woven with mohair wool that comes from goats, it is a high quality material intended for different uses. The mohair wool used by the brand is produced in South Africa and treated in the best possible way, using dyes that are certified Öko-tex. 

Stackelbergs blanket, plaid, rugs. Mohair wool.


Pé de chumbo Home, Portugal
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Pé de chumbo Home was born as a parallel project of Pé de chumbo, a Portuguese fashion brand founded by fashion designer Alexandra Oliveira, present in more than thirty countries. At Maison et Objet we discovered the home line made with a very special material, the result of study and research by the fashion designer and her team. Each product is made by hand, mixing fabrics, yarns and transparencies with different textures. In this way she creates contrasts of materials and colors, highlighting the details of each piece. Alexandra Oliveira does not reveal how the creation process takes place, as it is the result of years of study and unique identity of the company.

Pe de chumbo. White pillows