If in the world of fashion the second hand is now cleared through customs, in design there is still a long way to go, although there are excellent online platforms for the purchase and sale of furniture and accessories. Millennials and GenZ are inclined to buy vintage and pre owned pieces, they feel comfortable especially when they buy fashion, but what about design? The second hand is a way to access the world of design closer to their needs and economic possibilities, even if we remember that younger people are willing to invest more for the quality of the product. The search for unique, original pieces with a story to tell contributes to increasing interest and passion for this sector. 

Purchasing choices are not made superficially, but with a very clear look at production methods, employees' working conditions and the environmental impact of the materials used. The second hand is a sustainable choice in itself, because it helps to extend the life cycle of products and give them a new chance.

Generation Z (1996-2010) is very sensitive to this issue, which is why companies must begin to take it very seriously. Today, young people represent 30% of luxury buyers and by 2025 they will account for 45% of purchases (Bain&Co. estimates -Altagamma). What do young people ask of companies? First and foremost, honesty and transparency, respect for and protection of human rights and greater determination and commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Putting their own objects on sale becomes a solution within everyone's reach, especially for the youngest, who in this way can buy what they want, especially when it comes to design objects. But what are the trends? As reported by ElleDecor, thanks to data collected on Pinterest, some interesting research has emerged.

Curved shapes are very much appreciated. The appeal to naturalness and the creation of a welcoming and comfortable space can be achieved by choosing furniture with soft lines, such as armchairs and sofas with fabrics that recall the need for comfort. Cushions are also an invitation to be pampered and the second hand becomes an option in this case too:





Why not bring nature inside your home? Personalize your rooms with some green areas that can give them a new face without major upheaval. All it takes is a few details to discover how to enhance your spaces and give them more character. Moreover, when it comes to plants, you should also consider the additional contribution of pots, which again can be great helpers to decorate.





Another interesting aspect that emerged from the research on Pinterest is the desire to make more elegant those rooms where you don't spend much time or that are intended for more functional and less recreational activities. Taking care of your home is something that more and more people are considering, because it makes you feel better, especially when you have to spend a lot of time inside it. There are several decorative elements that can make a difference, the second hand can come to the rescue in this case too!