Unique gifts for design lovers

A selection of ideas for rediscovering the pleasure of beauty

Every year the same question arises, the Christmas holidays are approaching and the thought immediately runs to the gifts to give to loved ones, what to choose this time? There is no shortage of options, whether you want to surprise, excite or make your loved ones happy, sources of inspiration are just around the corner. We should remember that the passions of the people around us, can guide us in the choice of gift. It's the first step to discovering unique realities and products, and if design is the driving force behind them, why not start with that? In this article, we have put together some of the names of design that will give you the right inspiration!

1. Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras, an active and multifaceted personality, has expressed his style in various fields, including: fashion, theatre, music, dance and cinema. During his creative journey he met the Kiasmo group, an Italian company led by Francesco Maggiore and Vincenzo D'Alba. Together they have developed several collections where the face becomes the protagonist. Stylized and strongly expressive faces, made with the decalcomania technique or hand-painted.  

Mirror (2018) is a series of six plates decorated with existentialist faces, translated through the position of the hands and gestures to which they give life. 


Two plates from Kiasmo, handmade in Italy

Portrait (2018) is a collection of six plates, where the styles of the two artists merge with great balance. The plastic figures express intense narratives through geometric elements. 

Amarcord (2018) is a series of cushions made of linen and filled with goose feathers. Here, too, the portraits are at the centre of the story, thanks to their existentialist yet informal imprint. 

Bovary (2018) is a series of six vases that give space to the distinctive features of the two artists. Vincenzo D'Alba and Antonio Marras combine different expressions, recounting their own artistic evolution. 

Pickwick (2018) is the collection that showcases the traits of both artists, between tension and essentiality. 

2. FontanaArte

The FontanaArte brand was born in 1932, thanks to the creative direction of Gio Ponti and Pietro Chiesa. A moment that marks the transition to an artisan production, focused on research and experimentation. FontanaArte glasses are a classic and elegant product, steeped in Italian history and passion. The perfect gift for lovers of Italian design. 

3. Seletti

Who hasn't heard of Seletti, a historic Italian brand, recognisable by its fun, pop and non-conformist style. Creativity imprinted in the production of objects with a modern feel, bringing design closer to contemporary art. Several icons of the brand, from the "Love in Bloom Vase", to the "Wonder" lamp, without forgetting the "Mouse Lamp" series.

4. Fornasetti

The face of Lina Cavalieri is recurrent in the brand's iconography. Fornasetti is an Italian company, recognisable for its style, quality and history. The candles, made by the master candlemakers of Trudon, have an ancient tradition behind them, so much so that their creations were used at the court of VersaillesNot just candles, but decorative design objects, perfect as Christmas gifts and more. Careful attention has been paid to every detail, from the creative phase to practical implementation. 

5. Jaime Hayon

Spanish artist and designer, Jaime Hayon creates works that lend themselves to home decoration, such as those created in collaboration with Baccarat, for the Faunacrystopolis collection. His modern, colourful and imaginative style is what identifies him, so much so that he collaborates with the historic Spanish company LladróFor the atelier, Jaime Hayon has designed The Guest, ceramic statues with an iconic shape, decorated in different colors and styles, and involving international artists such as Henn Kim. The Fantasy collection is another series of objects combining Lladró's traditional porcelain workmanship with the artist's imaginative style.

The Guest by Henn Kim  for Lladró


6. Versace

Versace is the famous fashion Maison born in 1978 in Milan, its work becomes famous all over the world, confirming itself as a symbol of luxury and Italian lifestyle. The company's creations range from clothing, accessories, jewellery, watches, eyewear, perfumes and home furnishings. To deprive oneself of a Versace vase is an injustice; every home needs a unique piece to embellish it.