Masciarelli Tenute Agricole, a historic and revolutionary winery from Abruzzo, with Marina Cevitc and her daughter Miriam Lee Masciarelli at the helm; presents the second edition of Masciarelli Art Project, in the 17th-century baronial location of Castello di Semivicoli, a project-created last year- to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the winery, which tells the Masciarelli world through contemporary art.



After the great success of last year's edition, in which the Belgian designer Job Smeets participated with the title 'The Harvest'. The Masciarelli winery once again became a space for art, nature, wine and conviviality.


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This year's site-specific installation Ad Naturam was created by the creative genius MarcantonioThe artist, one of the leading figures of the international contemporary art scene and famous for his research on the connection between man and nature, interpreted the second edition of the event and left his artistic vision imprinted on small golden installations inspired by nature and perfectly integrated into the magical atmosphere of the palace without affecting its strong identity and history.

The work consists of 400 brass micro-castings to which the artist has given the shape of life-size ladybugs, bees, buds, snails, leaves and beehives, which seem to want to enter, almost on tiptoe, in the numerous spaces of the castle.


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"During my stay at Castello di Semivicoli, I immediately found that there was a deep harmony between the traditions, the beauty of the place and the nature that populates it," said Marcantonio.

The works depict the biodiversity that resides in a vineyard and in its complexity represent symbols of a vigorous nature that maintains the delicate balance of wine production.


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Ad Naturam also appears in the label for the limited edition of Villa Gemma Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Doc Riserva 2017. The artist, inspired by the evocative place where Gianni Masciarelli loved to meditate and observe his vines, wanted to capture for the label the majesty that emanates from the "Quercia di Gianni" plant, a centuries-old tree that symbolizes the winery, with a small golden ladybug on the label, as if it had just delicately settled on the bottle.

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