In the middle of a Pandemic emergency lot of us have found themself bored at home, yet this feeling of boredom was an opportunity to examining their interior spaces, and rethinking what home might looks like.

By reconsidering the flow of their apartments or houses, lately the value of the act of decorating has become fundamental, almost as a ritual lot have been facing this act even if not a Designer or an Architect.

“Does my home represent me?” Did you ever ask yourself this question? Before the advent of Covid19 we were used to live our life “fast” caring more about clothes and outdoor items, but now our living space took an important position in our everyday life, we are more addressed in buying something for our home instead of something for us.

We can define this new flow a “Self-Décorattitude, a new way to define your identity through home décor, that doesn’t mean the complex restyling of an entire home or apartment but also taking care of a small angle of your bed room for example.

This could be done with small tricks that you can turn in someway into a weekly or monthly ritual according to your lifestyle, your home, like your body, is a temple and it also needs your love and care.

Let’s think at that cute angle full of light that is still completely empty, why not turning it into a “Chill zone” to relax and enjoy a drink in your classy Ralph Lauren flûte, leaf through an inspiring contemporary art book sitting in your favorite yoga position on a Lieu Migrante Rug and a Loro Piana plaid? In our “New World”, where we are almost 24/24 hour connected, sometimes we lose the most important connection: the one with ourselves.

That’s why at least trying to identify a specific space as only linked to relax could help, what’s around you, plants, animals natural elements such as a fire of a candle can help your inner self to enjoy more the way, maybe it sounds like something superficial, yet is something really deep like an old Indians women believed aesthetical improvements always helps the practically.