Gifts for those who have just moved house

Your friends have recently moved house and invited you to their housewarming, which gift should you choose?


I'LL LIGHT YOU UP IMMENSELY The gift of a lamp is an idea that will be surely appreciated, especially if the recipient is looking for a unique design piece that will give that special touch to their new home. The power of light is often underestimated, but the atmosphere created in any room can be greatly affected if it is poorly distributed. Designing lighting can take experience, but if you know the tastes of the person you're giving the lamp to, you're already a step ahead. Floor lamps, studio lamps and table lamps, there are many different solutions that can come in handy in the home. 

CENTERPIECE AND TRAY Centerpieces and trays are gifts that never go out of fashion, and you often realise how useful they are when you have guests over. This is the perfect opportunity to give a functional and elegant product, whether it's vintage or modernsophisticated in design or striking in shape.The centerpiece can become a real piece of furniture to be displayed on the table or placed on top of a piece of furniture. A versatile object, which makes it a complete gift.  
PAINTINGS AND POSTERS Completing the decoration of a new house takes time, there are many spaces that remain uninhabited or corners that you don't know how to fill, not to mention the walls! If your acquaintances are driven by a strong passion for art or don't miss out on vintage posters, then you've found the perfect gift for them. Investigate their recent tastes and passions, surprise them and put your own spin on it! 
GLASSES Raise your hand if you have ever broken something during a move! Stuffing all human knowledge into boxes of dubious solidity can leave room for the unexpected. Your friends will thank you when you arrive with a new set of glasses to replace those broken during the move. The choice of glasses is very wide, there are glasses for every occasion and use, so you will be spoilt for choice. From the classic water glass to a bubble glass, whisky glass or a bitter glass!  
VASES Vases are the decorative objects par excellence, they can be used for different purposes and in recent years they have become increasingly sought after pieces of furniture. The aesthetic factor takes on a whole new value, and must meet the needs of people of different ages and tastes, many of whom are looking for quality products with specific characteristics, such as a sustainable productionThere are many companies on the market that make handmadedesigner and vintage vases, you just need to know where to look!