Akiréh was born from the desire to overcome a misunderstanding that has always characterized luxury products, namely that, once bought, they could not be reintroduced again into the productive circle and be bought by other purchasers.
In reality, luxury products are often purchased on the thrust of an emotional wave or for the sake of owning a particularly valuable asset. When this feeling or this taste comes to an end, out of habit or because the emotion that led us to make a certain purchase is exhausted, it is certainly a shame to abandon the purchased luxury product in a corner of your home.
Akiréh now gives anyone the opportunity to put the luxury product back into play, allowing someone else to love it as we loved it and thus revolutionizing the much-despised approach by the world of luxury that saw their products stacked in outlet stores without any emphasis on their quality.
Today, even the producers of luxury items will be able to appreciate the double advantage offered by Akiréh: on the one hand, someone will be able to get hold of a luxury product that is precisely valued, carefully displayed and certainly at a more accessible price, on the other hand those who loved that product will know that someone else will love it, perhaps in a different way but always giving it that recognition of its intrinsic value that the world of luxury recognizes to high quality.